Once upon a time
Once upon a time

Something twisted this way comes…

It was 2 hours after midnight and new moon-time dark when they arrived. Any villagers who were awake at that time may have heard the distant crunching of wooden wheels on gravel, the tiniest tinkling of bells, a creaking of ancient canvas and the gentle whisper of wishes and dreams blowing in on the breeze. Otherwise the night was silent as a nun.

Until that night, it was a quiet place where not much happened. There was happiness, kinship and friendship, but no change.

The village folk knew no other life, yet there were those among them who secretly yearned for something more, something curious, something strange.

It only took one wish, the smallest wish for something other, to bring them to the village. A wish that grew and blew, out of the valley, through faraway tree tops, carried on a kind wind only to be heard by the sharpest of ears, used to the words in the wish. Words that made them stop, turn from their original destination then follow the trail back to the source of the wish.

When the visitors came there had followed the slightest sound of a gentle twist as the village changed, shifted and became something new, something more, something other…

When the villagers awoke (some at dawn, some not) the first of the morning air they breathed that day, and for the three days thereafter, had a different taste.

From the edge of the wood where the visitors rested, the light shone more brightly, a new colour had seeped through the trees and into the homes of the willing (and not so willing) villagers.

And so they came – with their dancing and gin, feathers and fables, music and laughter, fire and light, costumes and charm, glitter and song, cartwheels and cocktails, kindness and joy, and their otherness.

So it was that the wish came true – the visitors and villagers danced, played, laughed, sang and made merry and new friendships were forged. When the revelries had ended the happy wanderers left as silently as they came, leaving not a trace; leaving nothing behind but blissful memories and the tiniest sparkle.

To find the twisted village, just follow your wish – we will be waiting here to welcome you…