Not just another festival

Twisted Village is an independent, environmentally and family-friendly festival of performing arts, music and curiosities, which offers an immersive, intimate and creative adventure. A village, but with a twist…

Approximately 750 music festivals take place each in the year in the UK and the majority of those have a demographic of 18-30 year olds. At 31 you don’t have to put your sequin shorts in the loft and your tent on e-bay, but according to recent research as some people get older they want more from festivals than big stages, large crowds and long queues for the portaloos and bars.

We are passionate about, and committed to, making sure our village guests are warmly welcomed and have an amazing time. So, we will be using our own experience of attending festivals, running a small, invite only festival for the past 15 years plus the fantastic skills of the festival team. This experience, combined with extensive research gives us great confidence and belief that we are meeting the needs of those who are either slightly older, have young families or who prefer not to attend larger, more corporate, festivals by offering something more intimate and out of the ordinary, where people of any age can feel comfortable, dance, sing, dress-up relax, lose themselves and have fun!

So, we are inviting you to join our community of villagers and become part of the family in an independent, non-corporate, joyful and safe space for no more than 4,000 people.

What makes Twisted Village such a unique experience is its specific theme, style, programme and brand. Imagine, backstage at a 1950’s circus, theatre, a champagne garden party, light installations, film projections, pop-up performances, plus live music, DJs, dancing, dressing up and lots of glitter (bio-degradable of course!).

For Twisted Village music is far from the sole focus; it is also a festival of performing arts which will include dance, street theatre, spoken word, theatre, workshops for children and adults. Plus we will be offering high quality food and drink concessions, with more reasonably priced bars, great on-site facilities and affordable tickets.

Our creative programme will offer high quality performances and activities which will include some established bands and performers. But our festival is also about discovering curiosities, new and emerging bands and having fresh and unique experiences while being part of a cosy, participatory, immersive event with smaller crowds.

The Playground – our children’s area – will have a nature and environment focus with messy play, den building, bug hunting, dressing up, painting and decorating stones and sticks and storytelling.

We are aiming for women to make up at least 50% of the musicians, performers and crew on site.

We are also passionate about taking care of our planet and will be operating a no plastic policy on the main site, so will be asking people to bring reusable bottles which can be refilled for free at the water points on site. We will be using solar power and bio-diesel generators to minimise the impact of carbon emissions that a festival can produce. We will also be ensuring that facilities are provided so visiting villagers, traders and crew can recycle as much waste as possible on site. It is our aim to leave no trace, just a tiny sparkle and lots of happy memories.

We believe that you are never too old to party, never too old to play!

We look forward to welcoming you into the parish…