We are supporting 3 incredible charities this year at Twisted Village: No More Durty Water, Arms Around the Child and Tonic for Mental Health.

We really believe in what they are trying to achieve and the people who will benefit as a result, so we will be working with them to raise funds for the incredible work they do.

Each charity will be joining us in the village and will either have a stall, be running workshops, DJing or running the random raffle!

No More Durty Water

No More Durty Water

This amazing charity believes that clean water is a basic human right.

Water is a basic need for health and sanitation. Lack of access to a nearby source of fresh water affects a child’s physical development, education and family welfare. Sadly, nearly one billion people on earth are affected.

Established in Portsmouth in 2010, No More Durty Water is a fundraising charity that aims to bring clean water to areas of acute water poverty.

Arms Around The Child

Their mission: Safe happy kids.

‘We provide love, hope and dignity. 

Our kids are just like yours but have extremely difficult challenges to overcome. 

We don’t believe in the big bureaucracy charity system and we don’t want to insult your intelligence by pretending you are sponsoring a child when you’re not really. 

We are real people who give a shit about kids first and foremost. 

We want them to live safe happy lives.  We think you do too’

Tonic - Music for Mental Health

Tonic for Mental Health

Challenging stigma through music – Tonic Music for Mental Health is a not-for-profit organisation based in the South-Coast of England and established in 2012. We are honoured to have both Terry Hall (The Specials) and Kevin Cummins (Music Photographer) as our patrons.

Tonic raises awareness and challenges the stigma often associated with mental illness through music and art based events. We organise music workshops, gigs, art groups, and community projects throughout the year for people experiencing mental health problems.

We were most recently invited to attend The Specials gigs on their 2016 tour where we had information stalls. Tonic supports musicians and artists by funding art and music projects that helps individual recovery and enables the individual to earn an income through their craft.

In the current climate of austerity measures and government cuts, services available to people with mental health problems are often limited and hard to access. We aim to support people who may already be receiving input from mental health services and those who have not had any previous contact to provide an inclusive support network to help people through their recovery.