It is with  broken hearts that we find we have no choice but to break some devastating news – Twisted Village will not be going ahead this year as planned.

Despite all of the hard work from the Twisted Village team, the people who have worked with us, the bands and artists who have been promoting the festival and everyone else who has supported us in trying to deliver what we thought would be an amazing adventure, it is no longer financially viable for us to continue, so regrettably we are having to cancel the festival.

We have not come to this decision lightly, having explored every possible option. We have tried everything, devoting all of our available financial, professional and emotional resources and ourselves entirely into making it work, but unfortunately to no avail.

Almost all of the planning has been done, everything required to run the festival was pretty much in place, but we just haven’t sold the number of tickets that we needed to by this stage, and we cannot take the risk, financially or emotionally, of going forward on hope and enthusiasm alone. We are truly devastated and can’t really believe this is happening.

As a new, small, independent festival we always knew that we would be a tiny fish in an already well-stocked sea of other amazing, well-established festivals with big name artists and bigger budgets but we were up for the challenge.

When we started this journey over 18 months ago we did so with over 20 years’ experience of arts and event management plus masses of enthusiasm and energy, a strong vision, a brilliant team, a unique offer and an unshakeable belief that the festival would be well-received and go ahead in all its creative and glittery glory. But sadly, that wasn’t to be – what we had to offer just didn’t appeal to enough people to make it viable.

All customers and traders will receive a letter in the next few days from the company managing the cancellation with regards to the money you are owed and the process.

We understand that many of you will be angry or disappointed, but hope that you will appreciate that everything we have done has been with the best intentions, and that the position that we are now in isn’t one we ever expected to find ourselves.

To say we are truly sorry doesn’t seem enough and can’t convey the deep, deep sadness we feel – our dreams are shattered, and we feel genuinely terrible for the position we have put some people in.

We want to thank all of you who believed in us enough to buy tickets, book a pitch or invest time and energy to work with us and support us. We appreciate that all of you did so in good faith, and that means such a lot, and again we sincerely apologise from the depth of our hearts for letting you down.